About My Artwork

“A Dance with Water, Paper and Paint”

Whatever I paint, there is always a trigger, it might be a feeling, a moment in time, an experience, something that I must capture on paper to share with others. Inspiration comes from my travels, the seasons, my love of nature and all that surrounds me.

I am a self-taught artist and have exhibited and have sold throughout the country and in London. Examples of my work are hanging all over the world. For the past few years I have been busy teaching which encourages creativity.

Since our return to England in 1996, I have exhibited with The Royal Institute of Watercolours, The Wildlife Art Society and Bucks Art Society. I am an elected member of both the Society of Women Artists and the Armed Forces Art Society. My paintings have been selected and sold at the Laing Exhibition and at the national “Paint a Wildlife Subject” where my work was awarded both Best Watercolour and Best in Show

The one thing to keep an artist fresh is to constantly look for new ideas and challenges and teaching helps. The feedback and class discussions with students can often lead to new directions. Once ‘School is out’ I disappear to my studio to experiment. My philosophy has always been to share my art journey, by doing so the benefits are felt by all participants.